Studio B

Based around the API1608 classic analog console sound. Studio B comes with the new ProTools 12 HDX, with PCI Card, 16 Channels of AVID HDX I/O plus 8 Channels of Mytek 8x192 ADDA for a total of 24 HD channels into the API console for summing and mixdown with AVID Artist Mix 8 Fader Automation and AVID S3 available on request.


Quested 3110
Additional Analog Gear includes:
API 2500 Stereo Compressor
2x Avalon V5 Mic Class A PreAmps
Dave Hill Europa Mic Preamp
Chandler Germanium Mic Preamp
Avalon AD 2055 Stereo Mastering EQ
Pultec EQP1A3
2x DBX 160 Vintage
DBX 160A
Crane Song Trakker Compressor
UREI 1178 Vintage Stereo Compressor
2x UREI LA4 Compressor
Eventide Instant Flanger
2X Bricasti Reverbs
Hammond Spring Reverbs
Dangerous Music Surround Monitor Controller
Dorrough 40-A2 Surround and Phase metering
Tascam 500B CD Player